Efficient Causal Discovery for Robotics Applications

Luca Castri, Sariah Mghames, and Nicola Bellotto
Proceedings of the Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM 3D)


Using robots for automating tasks in environments shared with humans, such as warehouses, shopping centres, or hospitals, requires these robots to comprehend the fundamental physical interactions among nearby agents and objects. Specifically, creating models to represent cause-and-effect relationships among these elements can aid in predicting unforeseen human behaviours and anticipate the outcome of particular robot actions. To be suitable for robots, causal analysis must be both fast and accurate, meeting real-time demands and the limited computational resources typical in most robotics applications. In this paper, we present a practical demonstration of our approach for fast and accurate causal analysis, known as Filtered PCMCI (F-PCMCI), along with a real-world robotics application. The provided application illustrates how our F-PCMCI can accurately and promptly reconstruct the causal model of a human-robot interaction scenario, which can then be leveraged to enhance the quality of the interaction.

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