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Örebro University

Örebro University is young, broad-based and growing university, currently with 1,500 employees and 17,000 students.

The DARKO project will be carried out at Örebro University’s Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS), which organises research and graduate studies in robotics and artificial intelligence. AASS comprises five labs, of which the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction (MRO) and the Autonomous Mobile Manipulation (AMM) labs are involved the DARKO project. Major themes are 3D perception, navigation, human-robot interaction, mobile robot olfaction (gas sensing), machine learning, and lifelong learning by autonomous systems, demonstrated through long-term experiments in robot-environment interaction, and aiming to establish the necessary representations and algorithms for continuous operation of autonomous systems in a dynamic environment.

Key people

  • Achim J Lilienthal: project coordinator, principal investigator (WP9)
  • Martin Magnusson: scientific manager, work package leader (WP3, WP8)
  • Helena Hansson-Nylund: administrative project manager, work package leader (WP10, WP11)
  • Todor Stoyanov: senior researcher
  • Shih-Min Yang: PhD student
  • Shou Sun: PhD student
  • Tim Schreiter: PhD student
  • Yufei Zhu: PhD student

Role in the project

ORU is leading WP3 (Mapping and Localization) and is substantially involved in WP2 (especially, perception for manipulation), WP6 (especially, planning on maps of dynamics), WP7 (providing reference-free estimates of map and localisation accuracy for better risk assessment), as well as spatially augmented reality for communication of robot intents in WP5. ORU will also substantially contribute to WP8 (Requirements and Evaluation), leveraging previous experience from previous and ongoing international and national projects. As coordinator of the project, ORU will also naturally be involved in the management and dissemination work packages, as well as the ethics deliverables (WP9, WP10, WP11).