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The Chair of Robotics and Systems Intelligence (RSI) is a member of the newly founded TUM Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence directed by Prof. Sami Haddadin. The goal of RSI is to significantly advance the scientific foundations for intelligent machines capable of autonomous acting in our world and in close interaction with their human creators. The research focus of RSI is the development of control algorithms, mechatronics, intelligent robotics and prosthetics, robot learning algorithms, foundations of machine intelligence, as well as nonlinear control and systems theory. Prof. Haddadin and his team contributed in the research domains of physical human-robot interaction, nonlinear robot control, real-time motion planning, real-time task and reflex planning, robot learning, optimal control for elastic systems, human motor control, variable impedance actuation as well as safety in robotics.

Key people

  • Sami Haddadin: principal investigator
  • Abdalla Swikir: senior scientist,
  • Valentin Le Mesle, senior scientist, work package leader (WP1)
  • Dennis Ossadnik: PhD student
  • Mehmet Can Yildirim: PhD student
  • Juan Edmundo Pozo Fortunic: PhD student
  • Vasilije Rakcevic: PhD student
  • Mazin Hamad: PhD student
  • Saeed Abdolshah: senior scientist (Alumni)

Role in the project

In DARKO, TUM will lead WP1 and significantly contribute to selecting and customising an initial platform, developing an elastic manipulator and preparing the final integrated system. TUM will lead safety-related tasks in WP4 and WP6 to ensure human safety in DARKO.