The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA) at the EPFL was founded on the 1st of January, 2006. LASA has a long-standing expertise at developing robots and adaptive control architectures to realise skilful robot motions in a variety of robotic platforms. Research at LASA combines engineering, computer science and computational neuroscience methods for the development of learning control system to enable flexible human-robot interactions. The LASA laboratory is composed of around 20 people with 5 postdocs and 10 PhD students.

The research at LASA focuses on the development of novel approaches in the field of robot control and machine learning. Such approaches enable robots to adapt adequately and on-the-fly to a variety of environments and compensate for sudden perturbations through motions which are safe for the robot’s embodiment, environment and humans.

Key people

  • Aude Billard: principal investigator
  • Athanasios Polydoros: senior researcher
  • Aradhana Nayak: PhD student
  • Mr. Yang Liu: PhD student
  • James Hermus: Post doc


Role in the project

EPFL will mainly contribute to the activities of WP4 and particularly will lead T4.4 by developing robot controllers for object throwing. Furthermore, it will be involved in other tasks of the WP4 (T4.3, T4.2) where it will provide methods for safe robot control during picking and placing moving objects.