ACT Operations Research

ACT Operations Research

ACT Operations Research IT is specialized in advanced decision support systems by standing on optimisation, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise built on the breadth of skills within its cross-engineering background team; their products are based on a strong scientific foundation. Company core-competencies includes: math optimisation and statistical forecasting; discrete event dynamic simulation; software design and implementation

The distinctive features of ACTOR products are linked to the strong mathematical content at the base of decision support software products. The integration of forecasting, simulation and optimisation for optimised process management is a feature that distinguishes the ACTOR approach, which therefore does not qualify for being a software house but an engineering company, in particular a math engineering company that with own products can optimise the performance of various processes. Based on the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, simulations, and mathematical optimisation techniques ACT Operations Research offers robust and innovative solutions to cut costs, improve productivity and service levels, predict trends and behaviours, improve safety, support the care of patients, reduce risks and manage crises. ACT OR innovates the way in which operational research, statistics and control theory are used in companies and plants. The company carries out R&D activities on a continuous basis and all personnel involved in the design and development of company products are actually involved in R&D activities. All company personnel have a minimum degree qualification (engineering, IT, automatics, economics) and most of them have a PhD degree (operational research, engineering, IT). R&D is also carried out in participation with public research facilities (universities, CNR) and the topics are in the field of operations research and management science, with the design and development of decision support models for effective and efficient management of processes in manufacturing, logistics, revenue management and control of large industrial plants.

Key people

  • Matteo Rucco, principal investigator
  • Tommaso Colombo, principal investigator
  • Nicolò Mazzi, work package leader (WP7)

Role in the project

In DARKO, ACT’s role is mostly related to the development of the risk assessment and forecasting framework (WP7), with a specific focus on the design of an operational scheduling layer capable of managing both the off-line optimisation (with respect to risks) of the robotic tasks to be accomplished in presence of humans, and the on-line decentralised re-scheduling intelligence that each agent will be able to manifest. Leader of WP7, ACTOR will guarantee the progressive deployment of the corresponding algorithmic modules, contributing to the integration of the project reference architecture into the selected use-cases.