Coordinated motion generation and object placement: a reactive planning and landing approach

Riddhiman Laha, Jonathan Vorndamme, Luis F.C. Figueredo, Zheng Qu, Abdalla Swikir, Christoph Jähne, and Sami Haddadin
Proceedings of 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)


Similar to human work, robotic tasks sometimes require two hands to be accomplished. This requires coordinated motion planning and control. While fulfilling the task in a coordinated manner is already a big challenge, the task at
hand becomes even harder when obstacles are introduced in the environment that need to be avoided. Furthermore in the case of dynamic environments, contacts cannot be avoided all the time, even with robust planning. In addition to geometric constraints, bimanual systems need to be able to detect and react to contacts during task execution. To this aim, we integrate a vector-field based planning scheme, that is able to avoid obstacles, with contact detection and reactive control methods based on contact wrench estimation such as admittance control. We also fuse the real contact forces into the planner directly together with the circular repulsive fields. The resulting planner-controller
combination is capable of obstacle avoidance planning as well as reaction control in the case of unforeseen contacts that can also be used in situations where the manipulation needs to be guided by the environment such as landing control in only roughly known environments. We evaluate our approach on the torque-controlled Kobo bimanual set-up and also perform rigorous simulation studies.

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