How good is your map?

We have organised a workshop during the ECMR 2021 conference with the title “How good is your map? Robotic Map Assessment and Standardisation”. See

The workshop was quite well attended, with a wide cast of invited speakers from academia and industry:

  • Giorgio Grisetti, Sapienza University of Rome
    “SLAM: what still bugs me”
  • Magnus Lindhé, Electrolux
    “A consumer robot perspective on map quality”
  • Max Pfingsthorn, OFFIS
    “Can we make more accurate and actionable semantic maps with human and tactile input?”
  • Naoki Akai, Nagoya University
    “Detection of localization failures with probabilistic modeling”
  • Francesco Amigoni, Politecnico di Milano
    “Standardizing robot map representations”
  • Mirco Colosi, Bosch
    “Standardizing SLAM: exploiting recurrent patterns for modularity and behavioral robustness”
  • Tomasz Kucner, Örebro University
    “The good, the bad, the ugly: Reference-free map quality assessment”

We also had lively group discussions brainstorming on the following questions:

  1. What characterises a good map, and how to assess that?
  2. How to present information encoded in a robotic map in a human readable format?
  3. What is the basic spatial information that should be encoded in a (standardised) map?
  4. What domains/industries are in need of map standards and map quality assessment?

Check recordings of the invited talks here: